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Core Features

  • Feature 1

    Bright Interface

    A simple and minimalist user interface. Drag and drop your files onto the application icon in the dock to start the deletion. A notification alerts you when the operation is complete.

  • Feature 2

    Secure Deletion

    DockShredder is executing the instructions of the Operating Manual NSIP (DoD 5220.22-M). Deleted files are overwritten several times to leave no trace.

  • Feature 3

    Easy Configuration

    The application requires no special configuration. It is possible to make it always accessible by Right click > Options > Keep in the Dock.

  • Feature 4

    Multilanguage Support

    English, French and German are supported. Other languages ​​will be assumed in future versions of the application.

Bright interface // Secure deletion // Easy configuration // Multilanguage support // Download now!